- World Class Photography Expeditions

Perspective Photography Expeditions and Adventures offer world-class photography instruction in amazing locations around the globe.

Each experience offers the following:


Perspective Photography Expeditions, Adventures and Excursions take place in exotic locations around the globe. Each location is hand picked for its beauty, safety, and amenities needed for each experience. Upcoming experiences for 2017 include Africa, South America and Asia.


World class photographer – John D. Russell will be your head photography guide on each expedition. Anyone can react and click a button – but a true artist creates. We’ll challenge you to not only become a better photographer, but also to see the world differently.


Every experience has a philanthropic component. We use our skills as photographers to help create awareness for hand selected NGOs in each country we visit. We do this through image licensing, art auctions, book and print sales. All monies raised go directly to the NGOs.


Our photography expeditions cater to successful and talented individuals and as a result, everyone who attends is considered an influencer in their respective field. This exclusivity makes for life changing connections and it is a core component of each trip.

We offer 4 very unique experiences:

Private Jet Expeditions

Private Jet

We’ll whisk you around the world in style and explore entire continents on this 20+ day photography expedition. This is a 5 Star experience with pricing starting at $75,000 USD.

Photography Expeditions


7-10+ Day All-inclusive Photography Expeditions. Includes World Class Accommodations, Culinary Feasts, Fly vs. Overland where possible. Starting at $12,000 USD.

Photography Adventures


5-7 day Photography Adventures. 3-4 Star Accommodations, Full Board (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner), and Overland Travel. Pricing starts at $5,000 USD.

Photography Excursions


Our 2-3 day Photography Excursions are designed to give our guests a small taste of our longer and more elaborate experiences. Pricing starts at $2,500 USD.

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